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My avatar is a picture of a bridge at a nature preserve near where I grew up. It's a very calming and happy thing for me. It was a place to think and not be disturbed by the anxieties in my life. I'm not a very "outdoorsy" person, but there's something about just walking around that I really enjoy. I love standing on the bridge and watching the water rush by. I love seeing what's on the other side and continuing my journey. That's how I view my changing ideas of gender and sexuality. I had a Catholic upbringing and grew up in a conservative community. Gender roles were very strict (even taught in school) and people were very closed-minded about sexual orientation and gender identity. As someone who did not completely fit these narrow roles, it was frustrating. I am now happy to be part of a community that is more welcoming to people of different sexual orientations and gender identities. I've crossed a bridge into a place where I can continue my journey of trying to understand others (as well as understand myself).