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My avatar is a picture of Paris that I took from the top of the Eiffel Tower about two years ago when my family took a trip to Europe.  Since the moment that I decided I would become an art history major, there was this powerful draw to visit Europe.  As overdramatic as it sounds, it felt like my heart ached for to see the historic cities that housed world-renowned Renaissances paintings and Greek Hellenistic sculptures.  Stepping of the train in Paris was like coming alive in a place that somehow managed to balance the modernity of a big city with the beauty of historic tradition.  It was during my first visit to Paris, those first few moments after stepping off of the Eurostar train, that I realized how many places in the world that I wanted to travel to. 


I chose this picture of the Paris cityscape because it represents everything that I want to do after I graduate from Bryn Mawr.  As a sophomore about to declare herself an art history major, there are a lot of anxieties about making the right decision but every time I look at this picture of Paris I know that I am confident in my choice.  I have to go back to Paris some day (hopefully to work in the Louvre and be a curator for some of my favorite pieces).  After visiting Europe and working in a museum this past summer, I have gotten a taste of what I can do with my life some day.  This photo is just a reminder of what I want.