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your writing groups

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Here are your 8 writing groups for this week. By classtime on Thursday, please read and post a comment in response to your partners’ essays,  reflecting on the ways in which they intersect with and diverge from your own. This is not about “liking,” and certainly not about “correcting”: it’s about using your own work as a lens on theirs, and theirs on yours; it’s thinking about structure and argumentation.

Maya: relational definitions
MargaretRachelRose: how I see myself [in reflection]
shainarobin: sister/sister

Taylor11: fluid identity
vhiggins: rewriting script of female entertainer
Ann Lemieux: ??

EP: fear and self-representation
ccassidy: silence and performance
Amoylan: breaking silence

iskierka: self representation on Tumblr,
pialamode314: self-expression on Facebook
ari-hall: representation of race on BMC website

nia.pike: rebellion from society’s chains
Cat: queer space
sam: identity politics and "speaking for"

Celeste: mimesis in abstract poetry
EmmaBE: gender in Doll’s House
Polly: gender in children’s books

sschurtz: feminist theology
juliah: ecofeminism
Fdaniel: multicultural feminism

Erin McDermott: accessibility
pipermartz: duality of the gaze
kwilkinson: am I too accessible?