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Multicultural Education Inquiry Projects 2013

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Welcome to the Multicultural Education site for posting our inquiry projects.  Participants investigated issues of interest in relation to multicultural/peace and conflict/social justice education for people of all ages, places, and persuasions.  Each participant chose a mode of expression that would best convey what they were learning and wanted to share with others, so there are zines, papers, podcasts, prezis...  Feel free to peruse, enjoy, consider, respond!

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an exploration of african american and latino community tensions

my inquiry project .. inspired by comunity tensions between African Americans and Latino immigrants in my placement .. originally began as a curriculum design .. then evolved in to a personal reflection of myself as facilitator and an exploration in to larger issues of identity, race, and power, and belonging 

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Oscar Wang's TODAY Show Podcast on Affirmative Action

Sponsored by NBC! ;)

Couldn't fit the entire file on here so I created an off-site link here:

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Inquiry Project: Stories and Projects and Movies, Oh My: A curriculum for exposure to bilingualism in middle school

Please click on the attachment to see the curriculum and its rationale.

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Inquiry Project: A curriculum to promote solidarity in the classroom

I have attached the curriculem I created, with an introduction to this project. 

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The Science, Ethics, and Politics of Water - a Curriculum

Hi everyone, please download the following files for my curriculum and my rationale.

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Inquiry Project

Here is a link to the Prezi for my Inquiry Project.

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Inquiry Project

Here is a link to the Prezi for my Inquiry Project.

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Inquiry Project - Race, Education, and Success

I created a Zine for my project. So I have attached a pdf with all of my text and a majority of the images I used. My topic was on success rates among minority students who have minority teachers and if their success rates are better.

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Multicultural Education in Mathematics

My inquiry project looks at how one can incorporate a multicultural/diveristy/social justice perspective in math classrooms.