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Journal Post 2 - Pam Gassman - The Internet and Literacy

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One's ability to function in society is now dependent on their ability to use computer, specifically the Internet. This new form of literacy is essential for doing almost anything. It encompasses all of our lives, from work to personal enjoyment. The Internet is now a plausible medium for watching TV shows or having a business conference. What I view as one of the most important functions of the Internet is that it allows for freedom of expression through mediums such as Tumblr and Twitter. One can say whatever they desire.  Yet, such power comes with responsibility, and not every country is lucky enough for this freedom, Additionally, not every person can handle such power. Thus, this new form for literacy creates questions in my mind: What are the limits and boundaries of this relatively new discourse/literacy? Where do we draw lines and who is to do this? Will the freedom the Internet maintains today, be seen in the future? 

All I know is that the power of the Internet cannot be ignored. It is necessary to recognize that the Internet and ways to use it are changing and challenging society.