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A Bob Book Journal

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I have decided to try writing my journal entries by hand, for now, because I like the idea of including some illustrations to supplement my text.  Below is a picture of my first entry.  I find it interesting to use an online blog format to present what is a very simplistic page in person, and I think the intersections of these mediums will be generative.  

A quote from the journal:

"Will you play with me?  No, I'm reading.  Why are you reading?  Shh, one more chapter.  Okay...has it been a chapter?  Shh, you should get your books.  No, I cant.  Did you try?  Yes, I tried.  Try again.  Now."

This quote is a scene as I remember it playing out in my childhood with my older sister.  She insisted that I could learn to read on my own--and that she would only want to associate with me if I did.  She thought that I was much too old at 4 to rely on others for reading stories or street signs or labels in the grocery store.  As it turned out, I really did only need the final push.  I sat for at least an hour with my Bob Books, which only presented limited letters at a time, learning to read.  I could read the first set of books by the time my sister thought to ask me how I had fared.



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I loved the picture. Please

I loved the picture. Please include more if you continue to jornal like this.