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The word, "DISCOURSE"

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I have noticed that the word, "discourse" is in many posts! Great! It definitely became part of my vocabulary after taking this course in Fall 2012. From you all, I would love to know how you define "discourse." What is your definition? What does the word capture when you use it? What are its limitations?  How has using ut, or knowing it well (?), shaped your outlook in the class and/or beyond?

Would love to hear comments! Looking forward to reading more posts...


Esteniolla M.


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In my paper, I defined a

In my paper, I defined a discourse as  common trait that bonds you to other similar people. I have struggled some with the idea of what part of speech this word is, because although it represents a group (noun) it is also an extremely descriptive concept. Something that someone in the class said a few weeks ago that I really liked was the idea of a discourse being a niche, or a way that you fit into the bigger picture. Another aspect of discourse that I think is really useful is the idea that you are not the only one who can decide if you are part of a specific discourse, you must both accept the group and be accepted by the group.