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 I think that Adaptation was

 I think that Adaptation was similar to Generosity in that it showed us "the man behind the curtain" so to speak. However, I think that the two works are similar on another level: each piece attempts to make its audience think about the conventions of its medium, whether it's narration and dialog in Generosity or car chases and murders in Adaptation. I think a message I took from both stories was that it's important to pay attention to our own evolution. Without being aware of how we have changed and where we've come from, we can't do anything new. I agree that Adaptation feels like a parody; but I think rather than just poking fun at Hollywood favorites, it functions on a deeper level. It shows us many Hollywood stereotypes and one writer's struggle to fight against them, yes, but in doing so, it forces us to see what works despite the cliche, what doesn't work, what reactions these tropes spark. All of this is important to know if you want to go in a new direction.


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