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 Hi, I'm Rachel and I am pre-vet here at Bryn Mawr- bio major, NBS concentration. This is my 3rd class with Anne and Paul is my major advisor, so I guess I'm interested to see how the class flows between both of them. I also really like posting my papers and class thoughts on serendip and I am a big fan of mixing different medias in my papers, so I am glad to be back using it. As I said in class I never really learned about evolution; I learned about the historical figures central to it in history classes but I never quite made it to evolution itself. I think that the way Paul and Anne go about teaching and holding class discussions rather than lectures will both be instructive in the fundamentals of evolution and in the ability to think about and discuss different conflicting ideas and beliefs about evolution in a social and global context. I'm looking forward to the evolution of this class through both biology and literature, and we'll see where it ends up taking us...


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