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Fear of the change

I think the fear that humans have about technology rises from such concern that we might lose too much of what makes us human now as she mentions. Even though it seems reasonable to have such concerns, I believe that there is no reason to fear to lose what makes us human now because we are living in a society where technology changes human lives very fast and we are used to such life style.

I think what makes us human now has been intensely shaped by technology and there is no doubt that no one has predicted the life style we have now with cell phones and internet. Although there were lots of concerns about use of such technology and how it would affect human lives when they were not readily available to everyone, we now cannot even imagine life without computers because we are completely adapted to the technologies we have nowadays.

I have no doubt that human lives will completely change in the near future by technology and it is natural to have fearful emotions toward such changes. However, I strongly believe that we, as humans, will comfortably adapt to such changes because we are so used to advancing technologies.


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