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Re: Why we need to keep...

 This is a fair point.  By continuing to face up to challenges, people can learn to grow and adapt to change.  If people decide to remain passive and let what happens happen, the situation may worsen and they will be left behind.  If we as human beings do not bother trying to succeed and get through life, then what is the point?  Evolution in a strictly biological sense is to a certain extent out of our control, particularly what has happened in the past, but it is what we choose to do with what we have is what determines our future evolution.  In order to adapt to change, we have to change ourselves.  Those who face many hardships must learn how to be happy with life, no matter what may happen, and perhaps are "better" at it than those whose lives are mostly devoid of struggle.

However, one question I have is, what if there were no stressors?  What if there were no plague-carrying rats, or metaphorical rocks, or famine, disease, natural disasters, etc. and only positive events?  Would humans be happy then, or would they create their own problems to compensate?


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