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In thinking about creating

In thinking about creating life without a woman in this response, the importance we attach to the typical creation of life by a man and a woman is really apparent.  Despite the efforts of many of our readings to erase binaries and to think of gender in the way typical of society, it is hard to think that life can be created without a woman.  Also, if thinking about Shelly's text as a comment on reproductive technology, it is much more of a warning against creating life in an atypical manner.  Is it possible for creatures created without a woman to become part of society?  In Frankenstein, we see that despite Victor's creature's abilities to survive on his own, it is completely impossible for him to become part of any social world.  This makes me wonder whether the "post-gender world" that Kathryn Vogel and m.aghazarian discuss in their posts is possible.  Even with Victor's creature and the Major, we see gender play an important role.  And as we saw in class with Anne's discussion of different readings of Frankenstein, the male-female gender roles were important in many.  

I think that rather than erasing gender binaries and advocating new reproductive technology, Frankenstein reinforces traditional notions of gender and makes me wonder what the consequences (as we saw Victor stress over this same thing) of using alternative reproductive technology are.


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