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Can we discuss Tron?

 I second Apo's request to see Tron instead of Source Code.  

I do think that Source Code is applicable to this course.  From what I have seen of the trailer, its about gathering information to stop a terrorist by going inserting the protagonist into the last 8 minutes of somebodies life.  It seems to me (and I could totally be wrong on this) that this ties into our discussion of what is information and noise, what do we notice and why, etc.  

And while I don't like Tron (from what I have seen from the first movie and from the trailer of the second movie), I do like the fact that it will be on DVD soon and therefore a lot more accessible than seeing Source Code.  I am not sure about everybody else's schedule, but personally, it is going to be difficult for me to see Source Code considering the fact that I work two jobs, have night classes during the week, and I have dance rehearsals during the weekend.


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