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Sience is language, and is music.

I truly believe that silence speaks. Silence reaches out to the mind and soul of the events or incidents we go through. I really enjoyed the performance Tiang performed. At first I didn't know what he was going to do, but I heard so many things, I heard thoughts screaming, his thoughts, my thoughts everybody else's thoughts. Although I might not comprehend those thoughts, I knew they were there, I heard them.

Silence is language, and music is one kind of language too. We communicate through music and we communicate through silence. It's the beauty of freedom. Although to some, noise is intolerable, I was reminded with the noise song we heard, it really all falls down to our own interpretations and opinions. Take two people, one who's been having a wonderful day, and one who's been going through some rough times, and have them listen to silence, and to noise, each would "translate" and "decode" the sounds differently, depending on their own emotions and thoughts at the time. So, I really do think that music is language, and so is silence, speaking out to us and helping us express our feelings.


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