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I'd really like to do

I'd really like to do something fictional or filmic, but I think in terms of balance over three days, one fictional work, a filmic work, and a nonfiction/theory work would be a great idea.

So, this is my input:

filmic--Source Code sounds really cool, but apparently it's not released yet..? Battle Angel Alita is a great manga series that has a two episode OVA (original video animation). Wikipedia overview: The series is set in the post-apocalyptic future and focuses on Alita, a cyborg who has lost all memories and is found in a garbage heap by a cybernetics doctor who rebuilds and takes care of her. Paprika also sounds rather cool, along with Alphaville, Metropolis.

fiction--Brave New World, Uglies, Feed.

nonfiction--World Wide Mind, Cinderella Ate My Daughter.



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