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Infinity isn't limiting

We sit on the same boat. Infinity is a lot, why does it seem that people aren’t satisfied with this? Does it come from our absurd version of capitalism, and consumer options? Anyway that is a whole different topic. I am completely content, and well actually completely overwhelmed by the idea of a simple infinity (if there is such a thing), such as the Library of Babel, were all the possibilities exist. There are many options what counts are not how many options there are but how we connect them together, how and why we unite these options. Like a painter, there are only so many colors, no matter how much we try to make a new one, it already exists, therefore the artists is making the best out of the options he/she is given. There is no need to go beyond infinity we already have more than we can handle on our plate, we have more than enough infinity in our hands to last us for well, infinity. To be honest it kind of reminds me of a little kid wanting to open a new bag of candy when they have hardly even touched the first one. Why don’t we just stick to the infinity we have now, it is way more than we can handle, let’s not get too greedy, life is short.



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