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Hey everyone!  My name is Suzanna Preston and I am a sophomore Economics major at Haverford.

The technology I feel makes the biggest impact in my life is my laptop.  With my laptop, I feel suddenly connected to so many different parts of my life, which is a very powerful feeling.  I can scan through family photos while listening to my favorite new album or videochat with my best friends while looking up recipes using the ingredients I have on hand.  I often take the easy access I have to so much through my computer for granted, but when I am computerless for a few days, I immediately realize how reliant I am on this machine to organize my life.  Whether it is keeping all of my important dates in a word document or checking up on my friends via facebook, I cannot stay away from my computer for long. 

Like MJ mentions in his post, however, a drawback to a technology that allows you to do so much is the reliance it creates.  As soon as I get back to my room, the first thing I do is flip open my computer and check on some stuff.  I feel lost when I don't have my computer at my fingertips. 

I do not actually know all that much about many new technologies, but I would definitely love to explore them throughout this semester!


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