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The Place Called Science

This week we have been studying various ways to look at a sense of place. Today's class took us to a place where I am the most comfortable, the place called science.This morning we looked at our place in the vast universe and really could see just how small our world is.I found it interesting to look at the numbers that give us a sense of comparison.The fact that the map of the universe is not a map of how things are now but how things were at some point of time really makes one ponder the essence of reality. The lesson on microwaves was a perfect lesson. Liz captured my attention from the the minute she made me hypothesize. Her questions made me think, how hot would the water get, how hot would the oil get(I was disappointed that we didn't have a thermometer)?She really explained how microwaves worked in a very simplistic manner. Ending with the concept maps gave us a chance to try to recall the lesson and helped us get clarifications that we needed.For me today's journey was perfect.


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