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We're The Song Inside The Tune, Full of Beautiful Mistakes

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Is beauty actually within the eye of the beholder, or does the mass-production of advertisements and print media affect our perception? This project was created to propose thought and conversation through the viewing of popular advertisements in contrast with images of "real" women identified individuals, political propaganda, stickers, and postcards. How does what we see affect what we think? Do we have a filter when it comes to the absorption of information? What might be viewed as triggering/benign, appropriate/inappropriate?

Viewing Instructions: The images below are intended to be viewed in tandem with the following song; as you peruse, take a minute to listen to the lyrics. Then, replay the YouTube video and view the artist’s interpretation of beauty.

"Beautiful" - Christina Aguliera

The "finished" piece on display, along with space for viewer comments, questions, and critique

"It's Not About How You Look, It's About How You See" (picture of essietee)

It is my hope that people who view this collection of images will post their thoughts below; the physical collage, which is now located outside of my dorm room, also has a message board where I’ve explained the project and asked those who view my work to write their reactions. I truly enjoyed completing this project and intend to the best of my abilities to find way in which I can expand upon it within the coming semester. I welcome any and all suggestions.

Supplemental Viewing: If you are intrigued by this topic, I suggest watching the documentary “Killing Us Softly” (2010) by Jean Kilbourne, EdD that discusses the problems with advertising in relation to women, gender, and sexuality.

Part 1:

Part 2: