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Our Final Presentation: Metaphor for Academic Discourse

 For our final performance, we made a video that uses the progression of our friendship as a metaphor for the evolution of our class' discussions. 

I think what stuck out most to me in making this video (which was supposed to be true-to-life and documentary style) was how inaccurate it portrayed the two of us. AyaSeaver and I exaggerated very minute details of each other for entertainment purposes (i.e. she really isn't as white as a polar bear; I actually do read my books in my English classes). It seemed like the concept of our video was more important than whether we portrayed ourselves accurately or not. In relation to the rest of the semester, this can be compared to Tarnation - when you splice a person and exaggerate details for the purpose of your own thesis, no longer is the material that you present "true," even though you are "truer" to your creative vision. Perhaps this creates a dichotomy between idea and "reality"; if you present an idea well, "reality" falls to the wayside (and vice versa). You can't have the "real" and remain true to an idea because the world requires interpretation and perspective to make any sense (and interpretation and perspective insert unreliability). 


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