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Final Presentation: Taboo Game

My group and I created our own game of Taboo using some of the "taboo" words we have come across this semester. Some of the words included reality, non-fiction, truth, fact, etc. To come up with a list of words that could not be used to describe the main word, I basically made a list of antonyms and synonyms. What I found, similar to what I saw when we were looking up dictionary definitions of the words earlier in the course, was that many of these words are listed as synonyms and antonyms of each other even though we have definitely found clear distinctions between them during the course of this class. After reading so many pieces that deal with the topics of genre, fact and truth, I feel as though I have a clearer understanding of the distinction between these words and how to use this knowledge in order to better interpret literature.  I wonder how this game would have been different had we played on the first day of class! I think that it would have been much more difficult to describe these words without the knowledge that we have gained during this course!


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