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Hello everyone! My name is Morgan Widuch and I am from La Crosse, Wisconsin. La Crosse is a small, yet very beautiful city located right in between the Mississippi River and a range of bluffs. I absolutely love my hometown, for though small, it offers a wide array of wonderful activities; my favorites include biking on the Hixon Forrest Nature trails, hiking up the bluffs, canoeing, hanging out with my friends by the River, and frequenting the local coffee shops located in our historic downtown area. As much as I love my hometown though, I am excited to be in Bryn Mawr and studying here at this beautiful campus.

Through this course, I am looking to gain a better understanding of the education system in America, what is wrong with it, and how it can be improved. I first became interested in this course after seeing the movie “Waiting for Superman” which discusses the problems that our education system is facing today. One of the very important focus points of the movie was the idea that a person’s education is largely dependent upon class.

I am very interested in continuing to examine the idea of class and how we classify ourselves, throughout this course. In our discussion yesterday, we observed that the majority of us tend to classify ourselves by what makes us distinct or gives us our uniqueness. I find it very interesting then, that when we examine others whom we do not know, we tend to first classify them first by that which is easily visible to the eye. 


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Accidental Post

Sorry Morgan, I posted my introduction as a comment on your post by accident! Still figuring out this website...