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 To me, one of the most

 To me, one of the most engaging parts of this discussion is not how we stereotype others, but how our own internalization of stereotypes can affect the ways that we interact with others, and more specifically with our own educations. 

The experiment about how marking ones race can make the results for African-American SAT scores lower is horrifying, and I wonder how we can target the process of internalization. Judging people (to a certain level) is natural - however a mechanism for disregarding said stereotypes would be instructive. 

I wonder what things I believe about myself have to do with reality, and what has to do with what I was constantly told about my own performance. I have been told that I am number-minded, so I don't try very hard at math... I was told that I am a fast runner so in soccer games I would take risks, emboldened by the speed that others recognized... did this MAKE me faster? did this MAKE me worse at math?


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