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Small Maps, Big Maps

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       I chose this image because I believe it represents the history of this institution, which foregrounds much more about the college than a map ever could. The Harriton House is actually located behind Schwartz, and is part of one of my longer cross-country runs. The mansion was originally constructed by Quaker Rowland Ellis, who named the land Bryn Mawr, which means “high hill” in Welsh. When the title was found in records years after Ellis had been forced to sell the property, it was decided that the township surrounding the estate would be named Bryn Mawr. Ellis’ uncle, John Humphrey, owned a handsome plot of land adjoining that of his nephew that now is Bryn Mawr College. Discovering the Harriton House on one of my runs helped me put my small window of perspective in relation to a more universal perspective of the world—in other words, my personal map in comparison to a much larger map. I use the corner between Harriton Avenue and Old Gulph Road as a reference point on my runs, while the Harriton House is a cornerstone of Bryn Mawr’s history. 

After thinking about it for I while, I've decided that I would like to revisit the beginning part of one of my cross-country routes. It's located just next to Goodhart--it can be difficult to see because it's a small trail. It follows a track behind Rhodes which leads back to the athletic center, and continues out over a hill next to Duck pond. I'd enjoy writing here because it's quiet and familiar, and therefore conducive to focusing and collecting my thoughts.