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Teaching Matters

I was not at all surprised by everyone's response to the videos that we showed in class depicting two sides of the extreme when it comes to teaching and its affectiveness. I agree that affective teaching lies somewhere in the middle of two where the teachers engages students on many different levels, always aware of and incorporating the different learning styles that each of their students posses. One of aspects of power teaching that I liked, although I did not necessarily agree with components of  its execution, was the fact that students also played the role of teacher. They were given the opportunity to teach and learn from one another which I think is beneficial for both parties involved. I do think that one of the major missung components though is discovery. Rather than always having the teacher relay information, the students should be given the opportinuty to discover things on their own, reflect, and discuss which is what we tried to provide through our "presentation" in showing the video, using the puzzle with missing pieces in the the group activity, and allowing time for discover and discussion. Having said this, I think that co-constructive inquiry is powerful and extremely affective for teaching. 


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