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Yoga Journey

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Working Our Way to Our Toes

Yoga is supposed to help provide balance and inner peace, contentment and mindfulness, and improve flexibility. This is important since none of us, Jenna, Jessica, or I, can touch our toes, hold a plank pose for more than a few seconds, or maintain focus for a very long time.

This is our yoga journey and we will update every day, doing 15 minutes of yoga in the morning and the afternoon, rating our flexibility on a scale from one to ten.

Yoga routines we use will be posted here so feel free to join us.

Morning routines:

Wake-Up Yoga

Afternoon routines:

Afternoon Office Yoga

Flexibility from 1 to 10
Day Jenna Jess Kate
1 1.5 2 1.5
 2  2  2  1.5
 3  2  --  2
 4  2.5  --  2
5 4 3 2.5
6  4  3  3



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I appreciate your plan to work your way to your toes, your taking it up as a group, and your sharing the journey here.  I am also enjoying a coincidence, in that since classes ended I have been starting many days with a brief yoga routine and really enjoying it and its after-effects.  Just this morning I thought I'd check out the Web for ideas . . . and here is your post, complete with a link to yoga today, which is just what I would have gone looking for.  Thanks!