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Bad vacation

After taking a look at some of the postings for this weeks forum and the word "powerful" came up a lot.  I too believe that the brain is a very powerful organ, in my opinion the most powerful organ in the body.  This vacation was a perfect example of how my brain is powerful, or rather how it can have power over me.  To begin, I have to state how I have despised school with every fiber of my being since kindergarten.  With just saying that one may be able to tell that coming to college was not the best choice for me, and therefore is the reason why I am dropping out... for now.  I was dreading Thanksgiving vacation almost as much as I was ecstatic for the beginning of it.  The reason why is that I knew that this break was going to be too short for me to feel as if I got a decent amount of time with my family and friends and for the whole vacation I would be sad. Boy was I right. Though I wanted to get up and out of my house to see my friends I couldn't bear to leave my home, or even sleep for that matter, because I didn’t want to miss a second of the visit to my house.  I could have had a very fulfilling vacation instead I sat at home not eating or sleeping but just watching TV and crying (which is odd because I am not one that cries.... never... well nearly never).  My mother always tells me that I have to "get out of that poisonous part of my brain"

But how?



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