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Brain & Memory



I think that the brain is a really powerful and magical organ. It is because it can really help us human beings do wonderful things. Last week's discussion is mainly about consciousness, unconsciousness and memories. From what I have learnt from the discussion that the unconsciousness part of our brain actually plays an important role in our daily lives. I have been doubtful of the concept of the unconsciousness. However, after considering my experiences of unconsciousness, I found many situations when my unconsciousness plays a part in determining my mood. Hence, this discovery leads me to believe that we are able to detect our unconsciousness and study it. However, as unconsciousness is a little bit abstract to me . I think memory is more interesting to me. Memories can be classified into many types. Short-term memories, long-term memories and flash memories. I just wonder where and how these memories are formed and stored in our brain? Form what I learnt from the discussion on Thursday, there are no designated places to store our memories. Our memories are recorded as the changes in neuron connections which are located at several spots in the brain. However, I just wonder that when we try to recall our memories, how does our brain connect those neurons together to give us the whole picture of that event? How does our brain differentiate the different neurons for various events stored in our brains? When we forget something, is it due to the memory loss ? Or the inability of our brain to connect the different neuron changes but actually the memory is stored in our brain?




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