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This reminds me of a BBC programme

About China now genetically the 5-HTTLPR genes are more pre-dominant (80%) in the far east, and this makes you more susceptible to depression and suicide... BUT the culture seems to have evolved around this. The BBC story was about retold by a british journalist who used to live there... when a couple has a break up the close friends actually comes and sleeps in the one if the people who broke up's flat, to keep them company for a couple of weeks! as people feel so close. This gene in the west is around 50%... So it would look as it the society evolved to care more about other people than the self, this is a big nature/nuture argument... But I think all indications are that nature/nurture plays a very big role in us humans.

I think the suicide bomber is not someone who sees suicide as way out of their emotional turmoil... I think here we have more of a revenge factor, something that is easily manipulated by a figure of authority (or apparent authority) similar to the infamous Milgram experiment, and it is the seen as last option a final statement or the only weapon left, after all this is what is asked of each and ever soldier in the field of battle.



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