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Oh dearie me...

So pretty much everything I would have wanted to say about the fusion of our ESem groups has already been said. I guess that's what I get for falling asleep last night before I posted. Oops! But going back through and reading all the comments gave me some interesting thoughts. One theme throughout a lot of them is a conflicting opinion as to which class is "better," which reminds me of a discussion we (Anne's group) had about human nature and mankind's desire to always designate a winner. How do we decide who wins? Why do we always do so? Should we always do so?

Another thing I'd like to say is that going into Paul's classroom gave me a different perspective on this online forum. Because I've now experienced all of you in your natural habitat, so to speak, I feel more of a desire to read all the postings, not just the ones from Anne's section. I feel now like we should be more collaborative, more open to each other's inputs and opinions. Our two classes are very different sides of the same coin, but that coin doesn't necessarily always have to land on heads OR tails. We complement each other. I personally loved visiting the other class, after (of course) the inital shock of learning how to be heard in such a different environment. But isn't that what we're all having to learn how to do as we join the community of Bryn Mawr? We all have to learn to make ourselves heard in this big, new environment, whatever way we feel best expresses ourselves, whether we're "loud" (like Paul's class) or "quiet" (like Anne's).


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