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Course Content: How I made myself a syllabus

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Attached is the curriculum I've developed for the independent work I will do this semester to supplement Multicultural Education. This is the first time I've ever planned a curriculum –– though I have given feedback on whether or not a request seems like "too much" or "too little." And though I've read many syllabi in my educational career, it was a new experience to be assigning myself readings and projects. I suddenly had to ask myself whether the work was too much or too little, whether the time I gave myself was reasonable, whether I was building on existing projects in a way that would allow deep thinking. It felt empowering, but also a little intimidating.

The curriculum I've attached includes the assignments I will be completing for Multicultural Education, and builds off of them. I will also add additional articles and theory readings as topics come up and make them relevent. Like all of my favorite syllabi, this curriculum is subject to change as the semester progresses, as new topics and thinking emerges, and as I become inspired by my experiences in and out of the classroom.

Multicultural_Ed_300_Curriculum.pdf63.74 KB


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