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 I could second that

 I could second that (dropping/switching Ellard)  I remember hoping that I would like Ellard more than Solnit but we are dealing with a limited amount of time. 

I don't think that sometimes conversation does stop at "reality is subjective and can't be defined", I think these texts will take us beyond that. "Children of Crisis" and some of the other texts would give us specifics to back up what has sometimes been generalizations. That, at least, would be my hope? I haven't really read enough of the texts to be sure but that would be the general direction I'd like to head in. 

I think it's quite in the spirit of non-fiction (whatever that means) to try and crack down on some examples of our ideas and I think that while it's the same kind of question we've approached before, our answers will change with the material. 


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