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GPS... a reflection of our society?

Where it is easier abdicate our responsiblity to a device? Much like we are expected to abdicate our concepts of beauty (normally physical) to the all pervasive advertising industry? But ALL that aside...

With a GPS we can blame the device with a map we can only blame ourselves...

With a GPS you always know where you are, BUT you do not know where you are NOT, with a map you can see where you are not... then it is a matter of figuring out how to get there.

With a GPS your journey is dictated to you, with a map your journey is dependent on you...

With a map you learn something, from a dead piece of paper, with a GPS, you learn to listen to dead computer.

I always wonder how the journey to Ithaca would be with a GPS?

I like that idea of "lost"...Do we only learn by becoming lost and finding our way back? Perhaps we discover something beautiful along the way in which case we gain from having been "lost"?

I like maps...


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