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the brain and creativity

 "If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes" Pablo Picasso

The above quote presents what seems to be a common belief that there is a disconnect between the brain and creativity. In fact, the brain is often made out to be a hinderance to the creative process. The brain has come to represent logic and reason whereas the heart has come to represent emotion and creativity and generally, people are not willing to acknowledge any overlap between the two.  After our discussion last class, however, it seems like this perception has some faults. If everything is a construction of the brain, then doesnt creativity depend entirely on the logic and reason of the brain? Sure, creativity doesnt always involve things that are associated with logic and reason, but I think that creativity certainly has a very firm basis in logic/reasoning. Seriously loopy science requires creativity in the sense that many perspectives lead to a greater understanding of a question and when one perspective leads nowhere, it is important to look at the problem from another perspective. This is the basis for all creativity, I think. What is creativity if not diverse perspectives? 



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