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aspiration and possibility in education in a post-modern world

"we get so caught up in the ‘modern’ that we forget that a great part of the world has moved on to the ‘postmodern’. We already identified in class that there are no objective truths but doesn’t that contradict precisely what we’re trying to in this class - find an overarching, so-to-speak, ideal/perfect system of education?"

Lots of interesting thoughts here, the above included.   What DOES follow from "no objective truths" in re life in general, and education in particular?  And if "it isn’t just the education system that needs reformation, its all of society," what role should education, including both students and teachers play in that and how?  And has it "all been said before"?  My own sense, both from our class sessions in general, and the forum conversation here in particular, is that there are in fact new ways of thinking emerging, both about education per se and its bidirectional interaction with society.  And that the "no objective truths" notion has a lot to do with that.  Are we in search of "an overarching ... ideal/perfect system of education"?  That would indeed be inconsistent with the "postmodern."  But maybe we can get it less wrong?  Identify particular problems in the present, suggest/act on ways to fix those?  And accept, maybe even learn to enjoy, the localness and finitude of that process? 


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