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structure, consensus, AND ...

I very much agree with both you and epeck that one doesn't want to eliminate "structure," that it plays and will always play an important role in both education and life.  And in the brain, as we'll come to in a bit.  The issue is instead, it seems to me, the degree of reliance one places on structure, the extent to which one takes it as a value in its own right, an end to be achieved rather than a tool or device for continuing inquiry.  The same, I think, goes for consensus.   See an interplay between individual and shared subjectivites below.  I agree with you as well that different degrees of structure are preferred/optimal for different people.  At the same time, I'd argue that everyone has the capability to both appreciate structure and go beyond it, and so education shouldn't be entirely a matter of "personal preference" but rather of enhancing everyone's capability to make use of/develop structure as well as go beyond it.     


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