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 skindeep :

i believe that functioning in a system that we think to be flawed CAN  be congruent with changing it. "Insiders" have to change the face of the educational system, as opposed to give into some type of anarchy. There are member of school boards, teachers, and administrators all over the world who know that what they enforce is not necessarily the most effective, yet they do it anyways, trying to make as much change as they can. No matter how much we muse about upheaval and change, there are systems of change as well... and ignoring them causes chaos and disfunction.


I once attended a writing workshop that was attempting to teach us about perspective and diversity, where a large black dot was put on the board and we were asked what it could be. responses ranged from buttons, door knobs, bullet holes, bottoms of beer bottles.. it was very interesting/ telling.


I think many of us probably justify being at these schools by internally configuring the experience by putting faith in ourselves to navigate these spaces well, but not necessarily the structure of the school on its own to serve our best interests.  are we succumbing to some sort of societal pressure? probably. but that does not, in my opinion, make it a bad choice/experience. 


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