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does living in the system

does living in the system mean we have faith in it?

like i said in class, i tried to fight the system for years, and it didnt really get me anywhere. i mean, noones really going to listen to a 9th grade kid who says things need to be different. or noone was willing to do much about it. i remember one conversation with my english teacher, she said she agreed with me, that the system of education we were following was redundant. but that's the way it was and we just had to make do with it. so as far as written work in the class was concerned, she let me be creative and try different writing styles, but the minute i had to give a board (ICSE) examination, she told me it had to be a dry, traditional paper.

and i wonder, had she been living in the system for too long? was she a product of what the system taught us all to be? would i turn out like that 20 years from now? i decided i didnt want to. but maybe my approach and self indulged stubborn attitude wasnt the right way to go about it. yes, we llive in a system. i doubt all of us have faith in it. but everyday that we spend living within it, we give it more strength. we need to start pushing at its boundaries. and who knows? maybe this rigid system could turn into one with permeable wallls.


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