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Quotes from class followed by some questions.

Not all students learn the same way. Well what shapes these learning we have been taught? It's similar to the pictures we were viewing at the end of class - what guides our sight? How do we pick out what we see in the images over something else?

Should the objective of education be to bring everyone to the desired outcome? Or should it be to allow everyone to progress their own outcomes? This made me think of competition. I've always thought that a little competition was a good thing. If different goals are set to provide different outcomes, do we lose competition? Is competition a result of structure? Does having an objective limit you?

Not all constructions are the same. Do we construct what we want to see? Is it harmful to do so? Also, it is important to take into consideration the distance from things of which we construct. Examining things from far away may allow us to construct things differently than up close. Is one way "better"? Sometimes you need the perspective. Sometimes you need the little details.

Input is always ambiguous. Then how does the brain choose which construction?



We also talked a lot about thinking inside or out of the box; perhaps thinking out of the box takes more time and forces one to evaluate his/her own self (creativity) that may or may not be concrete to the individual at that point in time. 

Finally, who creates the education system? Does $ drive it? Is it political (e.g. funding received for high marks or goals met)?



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