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The Human Being

 In last week's discussion, we looked at each other's creation story. I found that many of us wrote the story in the perspective of human beings. I want to say something about human beings in this space.

As a human being, we sense this world as an individual and we sense the world different from each other. A simple example can be some people like rainy days and some don't. Sometimes people do think about others, change an angle and imagine if they were someone else. However it's almost impossible to truly stand in one's shoes. Every living creature has a world of itself. We can only explore the one world in ourselves. It often makes me think, what kind of power-what thing can actually understand the world itself-I mean the world as it "truly" is. I feel powerless when think about this question.

Also. as human beings, we keep changing the world as we want. Who give us this power? Who get to decide in what ways to change it? How to be "right" and how to be "wrong"? Would the world want us to change it in our ways? I always believe in the idea that all the humans are born to be good, not evil. I believe that it's the earth's decision to make people good at first, but the earth can't really control what the grow up to be. A part of us grown up to benefit the earth. They do good things to the environment, the society, the offsprings and the impart of the culture. A small part of us do the opposite. While we are in the process of evolving and developing, we are also harming the planet we are living on. The smarter we get, we find "smarter" ways to hurt the earth.


I don't know what will happen if the earth can't bear with the changes, both positive and negative, what would happen? And at that time, what can we do? Will we be able to do anything?




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