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Structure within learning

Very often I feel that in order to succeed within school you must know how to work the system. Knowing parameters and measurements help you measure your own potential success within the structure. It is less about your own personal will to always do as you are told and more about doing as you are told to get the results you want the system to record. But you cannot deny that insomuch as you are not aimlessly wandering through a course, intellectual stimulation within a creative space is not only attractive but highly beneficial. More so, I do not think that creativity is synonymous with a lack of structure.

For example I consider this course to be very creative based of the fact that there is material to be learned yet the use of one's own experiences, opinions, academic and non-academic learnings are very important and influential for the course. There is still structure to this course and material to be learned but our minds are allowed to wander and self-willingly wander within the parameters of the context of this course. 

In no way am I supporting absolute riddance of all structure within education. However I highly support creative spaces within academic structure because they have proven to create more engaged, knowledgeable, and attentive learners and teachers. Additionally, it is often the case that within creative spaces students indeed learn necessary skills and material without even realizing what they are retaining. It is then that the learner can be or is tuned into the fact that they have learned the basics through engaging with material creatively.




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