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1. I started by reading the article "Too Bean Or Not To Bean" in The Inquirer about local coffee shops trying to thrive amongst big buisnesses in an overflowing market.

2. A quick internet search led me to this article about Town Hall Coffee.

3. From that article I clicked a link to an article about the Night Market in Chinatown (which closes tomorrow)

4.I then went to Chinatown's website and under attractions was listed the Kimmel Center

5. After exploring the Kimmel Center's website for a few minutes I went to and searched the Kimmel Center to look for places around it.

6. The Kimmel Center is close to Walnut street and from looking around goggle maps I found a bunch of places to visit. The are quite a few parks nearby, including the National Historical Park. Histroic Philly offers lots of things to wander around and see. It turns out Town Hall Coffee is in the area too. I've also wanted to visit The Franklin Fountain and Shane Confectionary- Old fashioned ice cream and candy stores, and they are right nearby. As well as some used book stores and other local shops. It's also a short walk to Penn's Landing. Here's a link that (hopefully) has a lot of the places marked that we could go.

I think this Saturday would be a great opportunity to explore Historic Philadelphia and visit local buisnesses like the one talked about in The Inquirer. I plan on going to Philly on Saturday morning/afternoon and I need to be done by 3 to get somewhere else in the city. I would take SEPTA to Market East and have fun wandering around historical Philly by foot.