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Hey everyone, it's Ilana. I

Hey everyone, it's Ilana.

I have only i believed n evolution throughout my life. In a way, it's all I've ever known and been taught since I was young. As a kid, my teachers, my parents and my education told me that we evolved from monkeys, that the world began as these little particles, which then became organisms and then somehow evolved into all kinds of creatures. So, I guess I've just come to take that as fact. It's all I know.

However, outside of school I was raised with a Jewish upbringing, meaning at Hebrew school I was taught the story of Adam and Eve, though they presented it as a story. I see the stories of the Torah/Bible as its own mythology. Or a way with reconciling/explaining big themes or events in life. I do believe that both have merit and their own places in society.

Anyway, I decided to include the Greek creation story:


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