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threading through the gaps

eveytime i think of school, my mind immediately backracks to my years of kindergarden through high school in bombay. the system of education followed there is the british one and it seems to be very different from the one followed here.

the british system is based on rote learning and in bombay, education is a privilage, not because it isnt accessable to everyone - technically it is. but peoples lives outside of the classroom is what causes more of a hinderance than anything else. it's what prevents people from getting to school. so the schools are there, and can be easily reached from most of the slums in the city, but the kids dont have a chance to get to them. what im reinstating is something that was brought up in class, in order to effectively deal with the problems in education, we need to work on the society, because education is primarily directed towards the society, and bringing aroud societal change.

for the most part, im excited about this class and the conversations we're bound to have. i like that we have such a diverse group of people, who undoubtedly come with their own experiences, ideas and ideals about what eduation is, what the system is, how it works and how it should work.


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