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Educate to live a good life

People asked a lot of important questions in class about different aspects of education: power, systematic inequality, methods of evaluation, effectiveness and usefulness...etc. I vaguely remember someone asked "where is the fun in all this?" This is the question that I go back to the most often at the end of the day. The reason for my attachment to this question is that I believe no matter how one defines education it should contribute to one's living of a good life. Some of you would have guessed that I'm referring  to the "good life" in the Greek tradition: a life of constant reflection. I'm not committed to the Greek tradition 100%. But I think its insights on how to live a good life can illuminate how our education should be like, and thus the systems that support this sort of education.

I want to say that I go to school because I want to change the world in a positive way: fighting against unequal access to education, changing faulty systems, and developing effective methods to help people to learn better. But i have to admit that those are not my instinctual reactions. My instincts tell me to have fun with school (and with life in general) in whatever way I can. I do not think that fun is all that there is to a good life (or a good education). But I do think that it should be part of it. It seems to me that living a enjoyable good life is the most fundamental human right and education should prepare people to live such a good life. However, it is debatable as to what exactly is a "good life".














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