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A Job Well Done


First I think it is worth mentioning that you did a spectacular job handling the technology issues.  I really felt your pain.  Ha ha.  I use lap tops with the students in my class and I cannot tell you how much time seems to be wasted trying to get those things to cooperate with what we are trying to accomplish. I really liked the way you continued to talk to us and ask questions during those periods of computative noncompliance.  I just wanted to provide you with a list of observations of what I saw and experienced during your presentation.


-You did not come off as an authority on the topic.  In fact you stated "You would know more than me."  This really levels the playing field as it were and makes students/learners feel comfortable.

-staying poised duiring tough times.

-gave plenty of and varried think time.  I like that you differentiated the amount of think time based on the level of the question you asked.  Great management technique.

-Great explanations both technical and then putting things in a working definition.

-Great analogy using the flags.  this really helped me to understand the point.

-PASS THE BUTTERFLY AROUND (ha ha).  I was dieing to see it.  This could create some distraction as it did for me because I was thinking about the butterfly when you were talking.  


I think this was a great lesson. 


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