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class reflection on Clark's Chapter 1-5

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While we were discussing about our entries into this tech & educ class, our group shared the point that it never occurred to us that we, human beings, are actually having a deep and complex relationship and interactions with technology. Through Clark's book, we were inspired to look at a bigger and more profound picture about our involvement with this semi-intelligent world. 

Hoever, even though we found Clark's book inspiring and open-minded, we could not deny that his arguments and interpretations provided in the book turned out to be distractive and be in a fog frequently. Clark came out of interesting and creative ideas and questions about this human-centered technological world but his proof and explanations, such as experiments and hypothesis, were pale and loose-connected. 


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Clark and proof/evidence

This critique of Clark is interesting.  What kind of proof, or empirical support, do you think would strengthen his argument?  I wonder if one could use his theories as lenses for designing new studies.  Perhaps someone would take this up as an independent project for our course!