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Color Interpretation

I am not at all surprised to learn that our individual perceptions of the world are constructions of our unique brains. If there was only one truth that could be seen or only one way to interpret it, then everyone would probably perceive things the exact same way…which would be rather boring. In a sense, I think that there are many truths, or many near-truths. There isn’t just one way to see the world, there are many ways, and they are all valid interpretations. I am pretty convinced that at least part of the reason why people can have such starkly different opinions about the same thing, like a piece of art, is because they actually see something completely different from what the other person sees. Perhaps if someone saw the picture that another person constructed in his or her brain, then that person might agree with the other person’s opinion. I think that this notion, that people see things differently, could apply to how people, and not just colorblind people, see color. For example, my friend likes the color orange, but I think that it's rather annoying. My orange is different from her orange, and so we have different opinions about it. We don’t see the same thing, and to be honest, I like that. If there weren’t differences like these, life would get boring pretty fast.  


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