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Sudoku Journey

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Monday, May 24th & Tuesday, May 25th Update

So. I've actually never played Sudoku before, but I am pretty excited to start. The game is incredibly addicting!

After three games (with the omission of one game) I'm averaging about 20-24 minutes per game.

Hopefully the phrase practice makes perfect is relevant to the game of Sudoku...

I look forward to posting some more (lower) times very soon!

Wednesday, May 26th Update

Two games today, 10:27 for the first, 10:32 for the second.  My concentration has seem to augmented, or maybe I simply had two lucky games...guess we'll see!

 Thursday, May 27th Update

Two games today, 13:48 and 13:26. Slower than my second time, but I feel more confident when completing them.

Monday, June 1st Update

Played one game earlier this morning and I found that I couldn't concentrate as well as I could by the end of last week. I ended up becoming frustrated quicker today, but I plan on resuming play with several games later today. I think from now on (to see improvement) it may be necessary to play every day.

Monday, June 7th Update

My average for today was 10:28. I filled in what I thought was obvious and then moved to completing other parts of the puzzle.

The second game I played today took me 9:16 at the easy level. Feeling much more concentrated than when I played my first game this morning.

Tuesday, June 8th Update

I played two games today on the easy level at the first took 9:32 and the second took 13:08. I then switched to the medium level and surprisingly recorded a time of 9:40- close to my times (and better than many) on the easy level. 

Thursday, June 24th Update

I've been playing for the past couple of weeks but I have not been very diligent on recording the times. I am averaging in the 7:00-9:00 minute range for the most part though.

This week I seem to be having a very difficult time concentrating for whatever reason. However, I find it odd that when I definitely had more on my mind (after the death of our family dog) I was able to concentrate much better and as a result my times were a lot less and I felt as though I was able to fill the puzzle in more efficiently.


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Thus far...

Wednesday when we first began Sudoku I was fine with it, because I have limited previous experience with this game.  The challenge for me during the game I was playing came when I realized several of the cells I completed were incorrect.  It would have been helpful for me to have known ahead of time that several of my cell entries were incorrect; especially since I was playing on the entry level.
I did choose to clear that game with the intent to start again, but when I realized it was close to time to wrap up for the day, I then choose not to start again, anticipating rushing through the process would probably be what frustrated me.
The brain drain for me in our group today yielded these 3 words:  fun, learning, challenge.  Our group correctly completely our game in approximately 10 minutes, with Shoshana making cell entries and checking as we went along.  The checking took most of the wondering out of our process.  Each of the several times she checked, we were correct.  We quickly corrected errors we identified, BEFORE we checked.  Yea group!  We all realized Shoshana preferred to complete the cells by blocks.  However, when one of us realized a entry in another, Shoshana willing made the entry with less than a moment of hesitation.
My mini-project brain drain thoughts are:  building, relevant, infinite.  My efforts have 'evolved' to more readily identifying grants to reduce urban blight via getting funding to rehab 2 properties I own.  I will use these properties, as a part of my Ministry, to provide a clean and safe home for folks needing housing as they go through programs empowering them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.  There are programs which acquire funding for their programs to provide what I need for my program.  Providing this shelter will provide a family unit for those who are not engage with their personal family at this time.  This, will provide opportunities for conversation, encouragement, and learning.  A component of this program will be that they maintain the cleanliness of the interior and exterior, including the 2 garden areas.  I have no doubt they will enjoy sitting on the porch of these homes, rocking in the rockers, and getting 'it' together.
Lastly, my most evident reflection for this week results in the brain-drain-3 of:  God, Mankind, Connected.  The one aspect of this institute that I take exception to, is that is gives no credence to God at all.

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Thursday, June 24th Update

I've been playing several games for the past couple of weeks but I have not been diligent on recording my times for the games. I've generally averaged around the same times for the games (usually in the 8:00-10:00 range).

This week I was becoming frustrated with the games, but I don't know why. However, two weeks ago when it seemed as though I had more on my mind I was actually able to perform better. My concentration level was higher and my times were shorter.