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Human Nature - attempt two

 Side note, this is really frustrating because I posted on this on time and my post is no longer showing up. Oh well, I will do it again.


Human nature - survival, reproduction, eating (meat?), so on. These are things built into our DNA. They are how our body works and how we continue to survive. I don't think the basics to human nature are changeable at all. If they were, evolutionary, we may not exist. But within all of these categories, we make various choices that allow for variations in our path. For instance, although we have the instinct to survive, some people become more successful than others (possibly due to laziness). This is a choice on their part. They have made choices that have no allowed them to be as successful as another. Human nature is not modified - it is simply circumstantial. In the case of food, humans simply need to eat. Food is necessary for our survival. But do we need meat to survive? No. Eating meat is not human nature although our bodies have adapted to be able to do such. Eating in itself is human nature. I think it is odd excuses to say that humans eat meat because of they were built that way. Humans were built to be able to complete these functions but they were not built for the purpose of eating meat. They were built for the purpose of surviving. In general, we cannot change these three parts of life. Without them, the human race would not continue. We would not be able to survive. Human nature in this sense is not alterable. We do have the luxury to make choices that allow us to place ourselves on a scale of where we want to be in each of these three things. That is our choice when it comes to human nature. That is our leeway. 







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